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Wednesday, December 4

From the Heart: A Cultural Journey of Refugees

An exhibit of African bookbinding made by students in "Cultural Expressions," a workshop which encourages creative initiatives for youth from foreign...

Greetings from Holidays Past

The Pratt Library's greeting card collection contains more than 7,000 cards from 26 countries dating back to 1870. This exhibit showcases over 300 cards from...

SeniorTec - November Series

Content: Join us for a fun filled adventure as we discover the world of technology. Learn basic mouse and keyboard skills, create an email account and learn...

Skill Builders Workshop

Develop mouse skills and become acquainted with basic computer functions. Class participants learn the functions and use of the computer mouse and...

Keyboarding/Computer & Office Applications

Course Content: 12-Week Class, 2 hours per session. Develop and enhance (Touch Method) keyboarding skill sets. Apply skills learned to produce...

Spanish for Kids

Impress your friends with your ability to use some very basic conversational words and phrases in Spanish. "Hello, how are you?," "I am fine," and "My name...

C is for Cookie

The Southeast Anchor Library is celebrating National Cookie Day! We will be exploring recipes from our great collection of cookbooks and sampling some tasty...

Holiday Arts and Crafts

Create arts and crafts to celebrate the holiday season.

Chain the Library

The holidays have never looked so good. Join us as we decorate the Children's Area and celebrate with holiday stories.

Celebrate Kwanzaa

Charles Dugger presents the principles of Kwanzaa.

Wednesday, December 4

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