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Film: Plan 9 from Outer Space

Meet the actor Conrad Brooks from Plan 9 from Outer Space after a screening of the movie.

Residents of California's San Fernando Valley are under attack by flying saucers from outer space. The aliens, led by Eros (Dudley Manlove) and his assistant, Tanna (Joanna Lee), intend to conquer the planet by resurrecting corpses in a Hollywood cemetery. The living dead -- a cape-wearing ghoul (Bela Lugosi), a vampire (Vampira) and a slow-footed cop (Tor Johnson) who was killed for his nosiness -- stalk curious humans who wander into the cemetery looking for evidence of the UFOs.

Cast: Bela Lugosi, Gregory Walcott, Tor Johnson, Conrad Brooks, Joanna Lee, Dudley Manlove, Vampira.

Rating: Unrated
Runtime: 79 min
Release Year: 1959
Director: Edward D. Wood Jr.

Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 12:00pm

Southeast Anchor
3601 Eastern Avenue Baltimore, MD 21224

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Emily Levine, Manager of Adult Services

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